Sodium Methylate Solution Packaging Sheet

Sodium Methoxide Solution

CAS No. 124-41-4 IMCO Class 3/33C UN No. 1289

Chemical Name Sodium Methoxide, Sodium Methylate
Molecular Formula NaOCH3
Molecular Weight 54.04

Appearance Viscous, clear, colorless liquid, highly hygroscopic
Solution in Water Practically Clear (1g dissolved in 3ml water)
Assay (as NaOH3) 25.0 - 29.0% w/w (in Methanol)
Free Alkalinity (NaOH & Na2CO3) Maximum 0.45% w/w (calculated as NaOH)
Total Alkalinity 18.5 - 21.5% w/w (calculated as NaOH)
Specific Gravity 0.96 g/ml (maximum)
Moisture (K.F.) Maximum 0.2% w/w

Chemical Properties Highly sensitive to moisture, O2, CO2; Caustic in nature; highly flammable; Flash point 33 oC (Closed Cup)
Hazard Corrosive, water-reactive, flammable substance. In case of fire, use CO2/DCP extinguishers; do not use water
Packing Details Bulk supply in Tankers, with N2 blanketing; Also in MS (CS) Drums of 220 lit. cap. (50 kg approx. as 100% NaOCH3) packed and sealed under N2
Storage & Sampling Should be stored in a cool and dry place, inside metallic Drums or tank, protected from heat, moisture, direct light, sources of ignition, etc. Samples should be drawn and analysed under N2
Liquid Handling Keep container dry and away from sources of ignition; do not smoke; prevent exposure to air, moisture, etc. Use rubber hand-gloves, apron, nose-mask, goggles and other protective equipment while handling solution

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